Competition Tennis Rules

1. Number of Players per Team

Each Team must provide two ( 2 ) players for each Match

2. Match Format

The format of all matches must be played in accordance with the event entered. The different formats are advertised on the competition page of

3. Players Seeding

All registered players in each team must be seeded using a number system where the Number 1 seed is the highest seed and strongest player. Player seeding cannot be changed once the competition has commenced the first round

4. Team Grading’s

Teams will be graded directly from their win / loss percentages recorded on our online results / statistics vault. Teams will be promoted and relegated in future competitions, which is dependent on all results achieved and the standard of new entries.

5. Start and End of Play

Players should arrive 15 minutes before play starts and ready to commence play in accordance with the draw. Play must be continuous at all times. A three minute hit-up is allowed for the first match only and player’s umpire and ball person should be available for the first set. Any team without a player ready to play at the time set down to start shall forfeit the first set. A further set shall be forfeited for each additional ten minutes until thirty minutes have elapsed from the designated starting time when the match should be forfeited.

Matches should end at the scheduled time.

Teams may agree to change the order of play to allow play to commence on time. A forfeited set can be deferred until after the completion of the last set providing sufficient time is available prior to scheduled end of play.

6. Service Choice or Choice of End

The teams must toss prior to the match commencing and the winner of the toss shall choose an end or to serve first or to receive first. The loser shall choose an end to receive and or serve.

7. Winning a Match

The following rules apply to determining the winner of a match:

  1. The team winning more sets than the opposition is considered the winner of the match. If the sets won are of an equal amount, the team with the most games in total is considered the winner. If both sets and games won are equal, the match is declared a draw.
  2. In the event of a draw on sets and games on the finals day, a doubles tie breaker will be played to establish the winning team.

8. Allocating Points

  • For rubbers or sets won your team receives 1 point.
  • For rubbers or sets drawn your team receives 1/2 point.
  • The overall winning team on the day receives an additional 2 points.

9. Wet Matches

A washed out match will be played at the end of the competition and before the Finals.
Unless you are notified that all matches are washed out, you are required to arrive to all matches ready to play. The court supervisor will determine if courts are playable.

10. Match Results

Scorecards are provided in each match. The results from every match must be recorded onto the scorecard. The scorecard must be handed into the court supervisor at the completion of the match. If there is no court supervisor, the winning team must email the result of the match to

11. Substitute Players

If your team cannot field one of its players, a substitute may be borrowed from the same or lower division. When borrowing from the same division, you cannot borrow a number 1 player to play in the number 2 seeding. Substitutes must compete for the same seed that they normally play or higher a seed.

  1. Generally no substitution will be able to be found, unless there is 24 hours’ notice.
  2. Both teams are entitled to 1 substitution each competition and all points are awarded
  3. In the event that a substitute is not available, your partner is required to play both singles matches with all points to be included (you can still win the match) the doubles match is subsequently forfeited. This applies to the rounds only, you cannot play both singles in semi or finals series.
  4. This applies to all rounds.
  5. If you cannot field your registered team in the Semi or Finals the following option is available for substitutes. You may borrow a player, as long as they are a registered player in the current competition, they are from a lower division or have a lower singles statistic percentage then the player that they are replacing.

12. Withdrawal from Competition and Match Forfeit

Should a team withdraw after commencement of the competition, it will be a matter for Rod Fahey Tennis School alone to determine a revised points table published.

Should a team forfeit a match or fail to meet its commitments, its opponent shall be awarded the points as for a completed match. A forfeiting team must notify Rod Fahey Tennis School as soon as it is aware that it is unable to field a team.

All players in a team should attend the court at the scheduled time. Should one or both teams be short a player, all possible games should nevertheless be played.

13. What is a Standard Game

Where a standard game is being played the serve alternates between players with a change of ends every odd game.
A Standard game is scored as follows with the server’s score being called first:

No point = Love
First point = 15
Second point = 30
Third point = 40
Fourth point = Game

Except that if each player/team has won three points, the score is ‘Deuce’
The second deuce the next point wins the Game being sudden death.
In doubles, the players of the receiving team cannot change positions to receive this deciding point. The player/team who wins the deciding point wins the ‘Game’.

14. Court Etiquette

  • When serving the player needs to have tennis 2 balls before hitting the first serve.
  • Receivers at the conclusion of a point must hit the balls back to the server, preferably underneath the net.
  • At the conclusion of each match players should shake hands
  • All scores should be reported to the venue supervisor at the conclusion of each match.
  • In the doubles match which is has no umpire, the server is required to call out the score before each point. When a ball is out, it must be called out by a player at the end at which the ball bounces outside. Players must call fairly if the ball is out.
  • No yelling, screaming or talking whilst a point is in progress.
  • A player during a competition, verbally abuses any player or official or spectator or other person will forfeit their match or be asked to leave the tennis centre
  • Players do not enlist the aid of spectators, parents, coaches etc. in making line calls, or attempting to determine other on court matters.

15. Spectators

Parents of students are welcome to spectate competition matches, however they are not allowed to;

  1. Come onto the tennis courts whilst the match is in progress.
  2. Give tactical or coaching advice whilst a match is in progress.
  3. Be involved in the umpiring of matches.